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ALECTIA is a leading international adviser to food and beverage manufacturers around the world. Our experts master a wide range of specialized process engineering skills and have a unique in-depth knowledge of the industries we work with. We ensure that projects we work on live up to the specified quality, production efficiency, and financial requirements

We know that designing and offering qualified advice on high-quality manufacturing companies and process equipment requires an in-depth understanding of our customers’ industries, production processes and end products. This is why we are a leading international adviser to manufacturers in a series of process industries, including:

• Beer & Beverage
• Food
• Dairy

We take pride in maintaining a thorough knowledge of the central processes in the industries we work with. Our experts have specialized in designing all kinds of process facilities, from raw material reception and production to bottling, packaging, logistics and storage.

We offer our customers qualified advise throughout all phases – from project clarification, analysis and design to tender and completion. We qualify new plants and advise on renovating existing facilities. And we help our customers prioritize projects and ensure that necessary efforts are implemented in business-critical areas.

Feel free to contact us and learn how we can help you optimize your production!

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