Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC)

Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC) is a development company focused on advancing innovation in Agriculture, Animal Health and Food Technology sectors. Our partner relationships with Global Industry Strategics leverages their strong technical expertise, regulatory infrastructure and the global distribution network. TechAccel co-funds the development, de-risking and advancement of technologies that fill partner portfolio gaps and/or address new adjacencies. Technologies are typically transformative in nature and focused on technical paths to address rapid demand growth for food quality and quantity. Partner companies utilize TechAccel to collaboratively advance and de-risk technologies and accelerate time to market.

In addition to our strong technology advancement relationships with Global Industry Leaders, TechAccel partners with leading Agriculture, Animal Health and Food Tech Venture Capital firms in advancing emerging technologies found in aggressive and innovative industry start-ups. TechAccel brings a unique Technology and Science Advancement role to these relationships in addition to our equity investment commitments. This dual commitment adds to the enterprise value creation as well as the breadth of potential innovation derived from each integrated relationship.

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