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Welcome to New Patient Group where we continue to lead the way in dental and specialty practice growth. Our clients consistently achieve record efficiency and profitability, while averaging a 20%-40% revenue increase in their first year with us.

What do we do?

We specialize in growing healthcare practices (Dental & Specialty) via high-level staff training, protocol implementation, operational refinement, marketing and statistical tracking. We also provide cutting-edge business solutions that instantly make our clients more efficient and profitable.

What makes us unique?

Your practice has the same challenges every type of business faces as consumers (patients) can choose to buy from you, another practice or nobody at all. Facts are consumers (patients) purchase what they understand and what they value. Therefore, our program teaches dental professionals how to place more value in the minds of consumers (patients) as it pertains to literally every aspect of your practice. We accomplish this utilizing unique training methods that pertain to consumer tendencies based on the biology of the brain. Simply put, our program uses proven scientific methods to increase the amount of patients that choose your practice over others, say "yes" to their treatment plan and refer more patients as well.

What does our program improve and/or increase?

• Patient Care
• New Patients
• Collections & Production
• Treatment Acceptance & Financial Conversion
• Efficiency & Profitability
• Employee Accountability & Consistency
• Patient & Employee Engagement
• Patient Referrals & Testimonials
• Brand & Online Awareness
• Much More!

If you believe growing your practice is about the collective whole all functioning at the highest levels possible, then we are the company for you. Request your FREE DEMO by visiting

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