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Nigeria Health Watch is a platform managed by the Health Watch Foundation- a non-profit organisation that uses informed advocacy and communication to seek better health and access to healthcare in Nigeria. We have dual strengths in health and communication and a strong social ethos that underscores all our activities. We seek to amplify some of the great work happening in the health sector, challenge the bad, and create a space for positive ideas and action.

Health issues remain a mystery to most Nigerians and hardly feature in the media. While the Nigerian population has become ever more sophisticated in driving improvement in sectors such as banking and telecommunications e.t.c. , this is not the case in the health sector. We believe that the major reason for this is a lack of usable information. There are no specialised providers of information, news and knowledge aimed at meeting the health information needs of Nigerians; for health professionals as well as the health industry in Nigeria.

Our Platforms
Our “Thought Leadership Series”: Every week, we publish a “thought leadership piece” on the health sector in Nigeria, analyzing the challenges and publicizing noteworthy solutions.

Our Twitter Handle: @nighealthwatch. We tweet about current health issues of relevance to Nigeria. We have the largest following of any health sector organisation in Nigeria.

Our Facebook page: We have had a Facebook Page since August 2009, and our page has received over 14,500 likes and is growing.

Our Radio Show: In partnership with Nigeria Info 95.1 FM Abuja, the Nigeria Health Watch team co-hosts a monthly radio show focusing on the health sector. We call the radio show “#OpenMoH” to encourage greater citizen engagement on health issues.

Our Resources Portal: Through our free resources portal we collate and index reports out of the Nigerian health sector cumulatively. Ours is the only such portal in Nigeria.

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