Since more than ten years ago I have been developing Japanese restaurants concepts with a full service of management, strategic planning, marketing, online reputation and design. I have the knowledge to create and define restaurants, the brand positioning and expansion, from the initial idea, through the construction, startup and beyond.

I'm a professional who knows the High-End and franchise restaurant industry with a proven record of successful concept development. I have also advised and eaten in different restaurants at so many cities around the world, like Chicago, Miami, London, Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Mallorca, Paris, Caracas, Santiago, San Juan, etc.

Through all these years I have resorted to Social Media as significant development of my restaurants and others businesses contribution, getting incredible results, which led me to introduce myself in this 2.0 world to create online reputation through the proper management of it, specialized in the Japanese gastronomy market.

I wrote my first post on 2006, when I opened my first sushi bar in Madrid. By that time there were a lot of sushi skepticism and this was my way to fight it. Some people know me as Susherito because in my country we use the word "Sushero" instead Sushi Chef, so Susherito it would be a kind of little sushi man.

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