Wellbeing & Wisdom Works

Corporate wellness solutions to reduce workplace stress, build resilience, improve employee wellbeing, increase staff attendance, develop high performing teams, create a 'great place to work'​ and improve business success.

Whether you are looking for workshops at wellbeing events, training programs to improve employee wellbeing or looking to develop a wellbeing strategy for your business, we would be delighted to support your organisation.

We offer Mindfulness Training, to help develop fit, agile and healthy minds. This ranges from taster sessions to longer courses or one day intensives.

Reduce workplace stress with our Stress Management, Work/life Balance, Resilience workshops or blissful relaxation classes.

Our unique Desk Yoga workshop is designed for office workers to help relieve tensions in the neck, shoulders and back. Or stretch your team with regular yoga classes. Bring some fun, laughter and joy into the office with Laughter Yoga.

The Happiness program teaches the Five Keys to Happiness to ensure that your employees are happy at work, motivated, engaged and working well with others.

Treat your team to a chair-based massage and let the office tensions dissolve away.

We offer one hour training sessions or they can be tailored to suit your organisation's needs.

We are based in London but happy to travel for the right opportunity.

Our team worked in the corporate world before transitioning into trainers, coaches, teachers or therapists, so we totally understand the challenges, frustrations and tensions that people face in their working lives.

Connect with us and we will share the latest thinking in wellbeing, happy facts, tips on being more mindful and stories on how to create a more calm, balanced and successful life.

Feel free to get in touch, drop us line.

Wishing you much health, happiness and wellness.

Wellbeing & Wisdom Works

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