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TotalCare eHealth is a technology-based healthcare company that is focused on improving healthcare in the United States through a patient-centered approach. The company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

The TotalCare eHealth platform ( is for patients and their healthcare providers and combines outcomes-based patient management protocols with a proprietary ‘eHealth operating system’ to help providers attract more patients and manage them more effectively, resulting in better outcomes and increased revenue.

The company’s first commercial implementation is in the US Sleep Health market focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) continuum of care.

CPAP Therapy is the primary treatment for OSA and when 'done right,' it is highly effective. But there are significant problems that need improvement…
* 75% of OSA sufferers are unaware and undiagnosed
* 50% of new CPAP patient fail to adhere to therapy
* 30% of CPAP users experience poor clinical outcomes

Getting good results from CPAP therapy is not complicated. Basic best practices are well known and agreed upon in the market. The problem is not what to do to get better results, but rather how to do it profitably.

Because most best practices are currently implemented through 1-to-1 interaction, they have become virtually impossible for providers to do profitably because hiring enough people to do them is simply too costly.

Additionally, CPAP therapy is rapidly moving to an outcomes-driven model, but an effective means of measuring and reliably improving outcomes has yet to be established.

The solution is the smart use of digital technology and 'big data.' By making basic best practices scale-able and profitable, as well as helping providers track and improve outcomes, the TotalCare eHealth platform solves many of the biggest problems in the healthcare market today.

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