Check Six Gaming ( Property of Envision Gaming LLC)

CheckSix Gaming is a professional multi-gaming organization headquartered in the United States. Founded by Rich Howard and Gareth Leak in February of 2003 as an America's Army team, CheckSix is one of the longest standing and most well known names in eSports.

Working alongside some of the industries most loyal partners, CheckSix has supported many of the world’s best gamers in titles such as: Counter-Strike, Quake, Battlefield, Unreal Tournament & Call of Duty. Since the creation of the team, players of varying nationalities have competed under the CheckSix name at tournaments throughout the globe. With winning performances at events such as the CPL, ESWC, WSVG & QuakeCon, CheckSix players have proven time and time again they are among eSports’ finest.

Current Management Team:
Curt Carter - Managing Director
Matt Kohn - Executive Director
Ian Olson - Marketing Director
Ben Sholes - Logistics Director

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Privately Held

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