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VAT EXP-- The Expert and Manufacturer of Vat Dyes, is a group of manufacturers of both of Vat Dyes and Intermediates set up in Shanghai, China. VAT EXP is a professional service window invested by two Vat Dyes producers: Xuzhou Vat Chemical Co.,Ltd. and Xiangshui Hanglong Chemical Co. Ltd. & two Intermediates producers: Inner Mongolia Qinglong Chemical Co. Ltd. and Binhai Xingrong Chemical Co. Ltd.. Now we are cooperating with Royce Colors (USA) to produce liquid vat dyes in China.

Our commitment to excellence in Customer Satisfaction is supported by a Global Infrastructure affording our customers worldwide sourcing capabilities with unparalleled service backed by state of art Manufacturing facilities.

Our Technical and Regulatory staffs consist of leading names in their respective fields. We take pride in our long history of customer service and going the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Vision of Excellence is attained through the Utilization of our:
Laboratory personnel with years of experience.
Product Application Specialists whose in-plant experience guarantees customers the best product value.
Global supply infrastructure utilizing the world's pre-eminent raw material suppliers.
Quality Assurance processes that result in product conformance that is second to none.
Regulatory Team that fulfills all existing and future compliance needs.

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