Eti Elektroteknik A.S.

Transformers and related products form the main body of Eti Elektroteknik's manufacturing activities.

So far we have specialized on dry type transformers varying in power rating from 2VA all the way to 600 kVA.

In addition to wire winding capabilities from 50 microns diameter on, we can wind coils using foil (aluminum or copper), which results in lower costing transformers with superior dynamic strength.

We also wind toroidal transformers between 50 and 1000VA and encapsulate in polyurethane or epoxy resin for high voltage protection. Although most transformers are low voltage types, two major lines are neon light and oil or natural gas burner ignition transformers with a typical high voltage output of 10kV and operating normally in short circuit mode.

Our main transformer customers cover electronic equipment manufacturers such as telephone exchanges, uninterruptible power supplies, battery chargers, welding machines, electrical panel manufacturers, ship builders (marine transformers), contractors for such works as railway, airports, highway illumination etc. Many of our customers regularly export our transformers throughout the world in their products.

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