Cultureplay is a unique insight & strategy agency delivering rich, reflective analysis of contemporary culture to drive consumer, brand and organisational value.

Cultureplay exists to harness and maximise cultural insights for brands and businesses. We call this cultural insight Cultural IQ.

Cultural IQ is the ability to listen to, and prioritise the many ‘voices’ of contemporary culture, and capture these insights to build a dynamic dialogue with stakeholders, employees or consumers.

We do this through a unique approach that links traditional qualitative research methods with new approaches in anthropology, semiotics, discourse analysis and cultural analysis that highlight the wider popular culture context of consumers and their brands.

Cultureplay recasts everyday thinking, makes invisible cultural levers visible, and allows managers to think differently about their business, employees, brands and consumers.

Cultural Analysis
Consumer Anthropology
Ethnographic Semiotics & Discourse analysis
Metaphor Mining
Culture Training and Development
Culture Workshops and Facilitation

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Privately Held

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