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Lahoud & Nieuwoudt Marketing Solutions is a small business, with strong associates, focused on planning, personalising and optimising the customer journey.

Our approach is part art, part science. We know your business and target audience are unique and it requires an integrated marketing strategy, one that combines various marketing methods and platforms to deliver maximum impact and consistency – reaching the right customer, at the right time, on the right platform.

The marketing eco-system is more complex, multi-dimensional and fragmented than ever plus new technology has led to a massive change in buyer behavior. Marketing strategy is no longer confined to your marketing team and you simply cannot do silo marketing any longer. Content has become the key to connect you to your customers, across channels.
This includes content in all forms with an emphasis on engaging and creating stories that deliver real value across multiple platforms. “If content is king. Dissemination of content is queen.’’ That is why we follow the ‘creation and curation’ approach - we aim to ‘create once, publish everywhere’ - keeping it affordable and effective. And ‘editorial intelligence’ leads our actions.

We have the tools and the expertise to develop and implement an integrated strategy that places your customer in the center, in order to hold the engagement.
By understanding how to align marketing strategies with business strategies, Lahoud & Nieuwoudt can help you make better decisions about your products, services, customers, brands, and competition.

In practical terms, we influence the customer journey by enhancing the user experience online; by communicating effectively for the purpose of lead generation; through meaningful content creation and then seeding it in the right places using social media tools; and ultimately using rewards and intelligence to ensure repeat business and lifetime customers.

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