Project Green

Who We Are

The Project Green Team is a division of the J.S. Vig Construction Company that is focused on the best practices in sustainable, commercial construction. Our mission is to develop and implement simple, relevant, and practical sustainable building strategies for new construction and existing building projects. Our "Best Practices" reduce carbon emissions while improving energy efficiency, water efficiency, and the workplace environment. We help clients realize the environmental and economical benefits of practical green building solutions, prescribed for their particular needs.

What We Do

Through benchmarking and careful evaluation the Project Green Team audits a new construction project or an existing building operation. At the conclusion of our audit we propose "Best Practices" that will improve the building envelope, systems, and operations. These best practices are derived from benchmark standards (LEED, Energy Star, ISO 14000) and emerging technologies. We simplify the expanding universe of sustainable construction and adapt it to the best 5 to 20 building practices that meet the specific needs of a project, using a cost/benefit approach. We offer these best practices to the client as a menu where they can select individual strategies based upon the cost/benefit analysis that we provide. After the sustainable practices are implemented, the Project Green Team will continue to ensure that all systems are operated and maintained optimally through measurement and verification.

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