UdA _ Ufficio di Architettura

UdA was founded in 1992 in Turin by Valter Camagna, Massimiliano Camoletto and Andrea Marcante.

The three partners of UdA are very open to international collaborations with designers, graphic designers, illustrators, art directors, art curators architects and engineers, counting several successfull projects especially with Adelaide Testa for Interior Design, Tarso Enders (AI Group) for large scale Architectural and Engineering Projects, Saporiti Italia team for the Interiors Contracts (production and management).

Uda's projects have been described by the critics as example of an ultra sophisticated architecture with a specific concern to sensory perceptions, materials, light and surfaces. A refinement like sign of the complexity of the relationship between man and space.

This theme closely correlated with the interest for cross-influence from other forms of creative expression, with the visual communication, as well as moving freely from interior design to architecture brought UdA to conceive their projects in the perspective of a transformation of the Cartesian concept of “space” into its emotional-sensuous homologues of “territory” and “landscape”.

According to this headline UdA's projects won several awards and appreciations, motivating the Firm to go along a path in which Architecture connects emotion and reason in the spirit of a renewed humankind consciousness.

UdA's projects have been published in the best and renown international magazines and reviews.

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