Precision Oncology

Individualized cancer care powered by precision science - that is Precision Oncology. Every cancer is different molecularly and genetically. Precision science harnesses the power of individuality to customize drug regimens, predict cancer behavior and effectively treat cancer at a person-specific level. With Next Generation Sequencing and Genomic Testing, we pinpoint your tumor's exact weaknesses, faults and vulnerabilities to recommend the drugs and clinical trials with the best cancer kill.

Founded by a leading neurosurgeon and precision science expert at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Precision Oncology provides the following to our customers:

(1) Precision Medicine Powered Customized Drug Treatments: Engineered via a precision science methodology, which includes building a virtual tumor cell of each patient's unique cancer and using computer modeling to perform in-silico experiments to identify customized treatments with the best success rate.

(2) Expert Opinion and Decision Support via a Virtual Tumor Board comprised of nationally recognized cancer specialists from across the United States.

(3) Continuous Care and Co-Management alongside patients' local oncologists.

(4) Clinical Trial Matching & Monitoring.

(5) Unprecedented access to the top Cancer Experts and Sub-Specialists at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Cedars-Sinai and Harvard, among others.

Up until now, most cancer patients receive the standard of care - one drug for one mutation. Precision Oncology deconstructs that concept using our advanced precision science and modeling technology that covers thousands of genes in conjunction with attentive concierge care from a Virtual Tumor Board comprised of renowned expert oncologists.

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