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We introduce a new concept for promotion, it showcases your brand in a high tech, yet in a conventional printed brochure form. When you open the brochure, it comes to life with a full colour LCD screen sharing your key communications with your audience in a dynamic, visual form that has far greater level of engagement than a conventional brochure. In this fast paced world, where attention spans and over-use of text are a thing of the past, what better way to communicate your message assertively than a video brochure!

Ideal for multi-sensory marketing, pitch documents, video brochures, video business cards, promotional video players, direct video mailers, visual sales aids and branded print campaigns, Video Brochures Australia can offer you a range of brochure styles to suit your needs. Everything from screen size, button configuration, play times and even graphics/video production, we can cater for your every need. Get in touch with Video Brochures Australia today to start discussing how to take your marketing to another level.

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