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Humin is a programme developed for Flemish SMEs and start-ups that creates competitive advantage through people centred innovation.Initiated and sponsored by Limburg/Genk, Designregion Kortrijk, and FlandersInShape, Humin puts design at the heart of every business, enabling managers to become more successful.The focus of the programme is on understanding the people who use an organisation's products and services, and using design methods to translate these insights into tangible, bottom line benefits for business.Over the next two years, Humin will connect businesses and designers, providing innovation tools and methods to SMEs and innovation training to designers. With the generous support of Flanders and Europe, Humin offers an extraordinary opportunity and financial incentive to learn, practice and implement top-level innovation methods that will provide long lasting benefits to Flemish businesses.

Companies' perspective:
First, the programme exposes managers to the principles of people centred innovation and demonstrates how the effective use of design can improve the bottom line. Second, Humin provides top-level design expertise to guide the implementation of innovations over a period of 18 months.

Designers' perspective:
In an initial workshop, designers are familiarised with the programme, and become versed in the language necessary to speak to businesses intelligently, in terms that business people understand. They will also participate in the people centred design workshop, to understand the methodological basis for the programme. Upon completion of the workshops, designers then enter into an 18 month relationship with a company, whereby they are responsible for 10 single day, or 20 half-day, interventions. During these interventions, the Design Coaches provide advice, briefing skill and project management, but not actual design consultancy.

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