Vivaris Capital

Vivaris Capital was created to deliver superior alternative asset returns while mitigating downside risk. Vivaris’ investment strategies are targeted at middle-market, well-established companies, and late-stage venture capital technology companies at an inflection point where additional capital and revitalized management are capable of spurring serious economic expansion, as well as under-utilized or non-performing residential and commercial real estate developments where proper renovations and marketing can lead to serious value appreciation.

The unique model was designed to create the first-ever private equity hedge fund . The Fund employs a sophisticated strategy that allows investors to participate in high growth alternative asset opportunities with large upside potential through a variety of value-creation approaches while offering downside principal protection using managed portfolios as a hedge.

When looking at an investment, the Vivaris leadership team surrounds itself with pre-requisite expertise, performs immense research on the opportunity, analyzes associated factors to determine if there is latent value in the deal, and evaluates potential strategies to recapitalize accordingly. The Fund creates value through implementing proven strategies, optimizing assets, aligning interests, evolving
intellectual property, applying financial engineering, and executing targeted sales and marketing strategies.

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