AFCA for Arts and Culture

Our Mission statement:

Educate young audiences through Arts and culture in Egypt.

Established in 2004, AFCA for Arts and Culture is an independent organization which believes that arts must be critical components of every Egyptian child’s education. The activities we propose are designed to enhance the use of languages (French, English and Arabic), encourage every child’s creativity and natural artistry and use it as a mean to develop personal skills. AFCA employs trained professionals who work to foster the creativity of children in the areas of music, singing, theater, dancing, painting, sculpting, drawing, photography, and cooking. Above all, AFCA uses education through the arts to build creative generations and empower children and youth.

AFCA has created an action plan revolving around two main components:

Education through Arts program (Artistic clubs and workshops,etc.) and its yearly multidisciplinary cultural program (Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children,AFCA produced shows,etc.)

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Non Profit

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