Progressive Edits

Progressive Edits is an editing, proofing and author services company.

A Fresh Pair of Eyes:

We will provide you with a thorough and professional extra pair of eyes. Regardless of how many times you read over your own work, errors will be hiding and lying in wait ready for a reader to pounce on them. Regardless of the size of these errors, big or small, your brain, and most definitely your eyes will not let you know that they are there. This is why editing is an essential part of the writing process.

Our Client Comes First:

Upon request, we will provide you with one color-coded document using Word's tracking feature, and the other will be a 'clean' copy with all changes incorporated. This allows you to view all editorial changes.

We never quote a price with reviewing a sample of the manuscript and discussing the work with the author. The rates below reflect a range of rates.

Basic Proofreading:

includes checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement. (Prices based on books of 60,000 words or more. Please contact us for pricing for < 60,000 words)

Line Editing:
includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and appropriateness of verb tenses, character development,transitional phrasing, and continuity flow of thoughts.

Developmental Editing:
is recommended for authors whose work may contain expansive problems with grammar, punctuation, point-of-view, tense, dialogue, narrative voice, syntax and clarity.

We also offer formatting and cover design services

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