Wuhan Oxiran Special Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Oxiran special chemicals Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of OXIRANCHEM, and it was established by OXIRANCHEM (stock code 300082) .The company is situated in Chemical Industry Park, Wuhan City, and it covers 52 mu. The registered capital is RMB 60 million, and the total investment is RMB 200 million. Based the superior resource advantage of Sinopec’s 80,000 tons ethylene and 16,000 tons of EO and have a full of profect auxiliary projects.
Taking the advantage of own intellectual property ---proprietary technology of outer circulation Press ethoxylation patented technology 、Epoxide technology innovations and the senior special management and technology in electroplating auxiliary industry of Jadechem’s perfect market channel of product, New established EO/PO derivative fine chemical new material project with the annual output of 50,000 tons, and has formed the industrial chain covering resource-production-sales.
The company is dedicated to the application technological development, production, sales and services of EO derivative chemicals in surface treatment and other industries. Products: electroplating auxiliary, coating auxiliary, textile auxiliary and EO\ PO derivative fine chemicals. Based on advanced technology, DCS/ESD automatic control, polymerization steady , stable quality and molecular weight narrow dispersing ability the company occupies a leading position in the world.
Adhering to the core value of "Create Jointly Share Together"​, insisting on the development strategy of "based on special application of EO in surface treatment , and created value from it "​, sticking to the market development principle of "Large market, Large general trend, Less competitions"​, the company strives to create values for surface treatment industry and relevant industries, to meet the requirement on EO /PO derivative fine chemical new materials, and to establish leading enterprise in surface treatment auxiliary industry.

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