Quasar Labs

Quasar Labs is a developer of oh-my-gosh-have-you-seen-that Interactive Software

Creates Interactive Experiences to Web, Desktop, Consoles, Mobile, SmartTV and Street.

The Labs

Quasar Interactive Labs works as a private disruptive hunter that creates its own prototypes to inspire and propose to our clients, but along the way we have created a collective of researchers, disruptive companies, creative interaction designers and developers who work together and individually to meet the specific needs of Quasar Interactive Labs’ clients. Project teams are assembled to suit specific need of each project, ensuring maximum efficiency and therefore ensuring a cost effect solution for you the client.

We are seeking opportunities with…

We look for interactive agencies across the world to work for them developing hight profile projects inside our main lines. Specially Unity 3D & Mobile Apps, living in Spain, we can be very competitive for agencies in Europe and USA.

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Public Company

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