JKS Just Great Logistics Ltd.

JKS Just Great Logistics has been providing end -to -end logistics services connecting China to the international marketplace for over 20 years. We have been through different trade names over the years but our dedication of creating higher values for our customers and pursuing operation excellence never change. Today, our team is running and managing 16 warehouse facilities & offices in China, South East Asia, and the U.S. with over USD 1 billion worth of cargos & freight.

We have the global reach and capabilities in serving international customers in North America, Europe, intra-Asia, and China; especially for those with a business interest in China and USA. No other company has the extensive supply chain experiences, and solution expertise that we do. With hard assets & solid financial backed by our mother company Shanghai Zheng Ming Modern Logistics Group, we are second to none; driving from zero to one. JKS has the capabilities to grow with our customers in Greater China & USA.

We pride ourselves on highly efficient, and total end-to-end services including “upstream logistics scope” at origins and “downstream logistics scope” at destination across the trade lanes between China with the U.S. and selected Europe regions. Customers find our full suite of value chain solutions extremely beneficial for China imports & exports as well as the trade lane of China & U.S. domestic warehouse & distributions. With e-commerce driving the world forward and China being very much at the centre of the digital growth engine, JKS is poised to provide effective solutions and solid operation proficiency for businesses growing in the “internet +” arena.

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