Health PA

Health PA - a healthcare software company providing cloud based, practice management solutions for clinicians & connected apps for patients.

Clinician or patient now you have your own Personal health Assistant on the go, at home or at work!

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So what are we making?

Health PA for clinicians - a secure, low cost/high tech, user friendly, Electronic Health Record platform with remote capabilities. This platform provides a hub for clinicians to interact securely with patients, labs, imaging centres, billing services and other third party applications. Our practice management software has been created in conjunction with clinician and practice administration focus groups.

Health PA for patients - a personal assistant for your health and the health of those you love. This easy-to-use patient portal assists both clinicians and patients by providing interconnected facilities, for example a patient's clinician can securely pass on relevant educational documentation, information links, test results etc. Your Health PA can also assist with providing appointment and medication reminders, emergency information, house third party health apps and much more.

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