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America's Career Change & Career Transition Company | VocationVacations®

The only company of its kind, VocationVacations® is dedicated to enriching people’s lives by allowing them to test-drive the job of their dreams – completely risk-free. Whether a client is seeking a new career, a unique vacation or the perfect gift for a loved one, a VocationVacations® career mentorship provides the experience of a lifetime!

VocationVacations® launched in 2004, and has quickly spread across the US and abroad, gaining widespread attention from the media. To date, we offer the chance to test-drive over 125 unique careers, through almost 300 expert mentors….and we’re adding many more each month!

From day one, the company has followed a simple, but powerful vision – that happiness and passion can and should be an integral part of what you do. No matter what your current profession - whether you’re a doctor, teacher, attorney, accountant, sales rep, homemaker or corporate executive - it’s important to be true to yourself!

At VocationVacations®, every day feels like a Friday. When you achieve the kind of work/life balance you want, you’ll surely feel that way too. And VocationVacations® is here to get you started.

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