The School for Restaurant Management

SRM is a training school that specializes in the training of aspiring and existing managers in the restaurant industry. Our team has extensive practical experience in the restaurant business and has first hand knowledge on what skills are required to be a good restaurant manager.

Our key focus is to prepare, deliver and train a better quality manager in an industry that offers an extremely challenging working environment. We also aim to provide individuals with the necessary competence and tools to assist them in becoming more efficient in the workplace and also help them to see the benefits of a successful career in restaurant management.

Our training courses are developed by current franchise and independent restaurant owners, as well as recognised senior managers in the industry.

In addition to our management training programs, we also offer extensive training and development for other front line staff and waiters who are a crucial component in our industry.

SRM aims to provide training that is realistic, practical and state-of-the-art. Our training is aligned with the latest trends in restaurant management.

All training material is industry specific and applies to Restaurants in the South African climate

Benefits of completing a SRM training course include:
• to provide the individual with the knowledge and skills to become a more efficient employee;
• to provide the individual with the know-how on how to successfully steer his career in the restaurant industry
• to increase productivity
• to create staying power
• to provide motivation on pursuing a career in Restaurants

Additional course offerings:
• Management recruitment
• Mystery shopper reports and analyses
• Waiter training
• Marketing and promotion services
• Management assessments and Kpa structuring
• Restaurant consulting
• Waiter placements

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