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Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd (Camutronics) is a fabless semiconductor company specialised in developing state of the art high voltage power devices (100V-10kV) including Trench and Superjunction IGBTs and MOSFETs in Si, SiC, GaN and Diamond. The company was founded by an experienced team of high voltage experts with a proven track record in developing novel solutions and scaling them into high volume production. We have strong on-going links with Cambridge University and well established contacts with main IDMs and world leading foundries. Our founders have more than 120 patents and even more unpublished IP and know-how.

Camutronics’ IP portfolio includes 31 granted patents on lateral high voltage devices suitable for system-in-package and chip-on-board assemblies. The lateral high voltage devices are ideal for integration with CMOS controllers and realisation of compact solutions for smart energy-saving applications. Prototypes of lateral IGBTs in Membrane technology with >800V blocking and very low losses have been demonstrated in bulk Si and SOI and used for 500kHz applications. The development of our proprietary low-cost, fast lateral IGBTs is now complete and samples rated 600V/800V/1000V are available. These IGBTs have very low leakage currents and can operate at frequencies up to 200kHz with current densities of >100A/cm2. Enhancement and depletion mode MOSFETs rated >1000V are also available.

In addition to developing proprietary technologies, Camutronics offers a range of consultancy services. We can help companies optimise existing designs to lower the cost, improve the yield, reliability and robustness or develop novel market leading technologies and scale them from R&D to high-volume production.

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