Gannet Engineering

Gannet is a Controls and Application engineering company Startup company. We have set out to disrupt the way product development happens in the traditional Automotive, Industrial and Defense sectors.

We bring in a unique blend of the old and new – Software and Calibration, Automotive and Wireless, Classical Controls and Agentbased Modeling – to help you improve product robustness while reducing time to market. As the advent of Industry 4.0 and disruptive innovation are rapidly changing decades-old business models, Gannet has created a fresh set of offerings that will help you not only cope, but thrive amidst change.

Our technology edge comes through in-house Gannet capabilities as well as from our Technology partners.
Gannet Engineers are experts in
-Systems Engineering
-Classical Controls development and Controls Rapid Prototyping
-Frontloading, or the art and science of moving development effort from expensive vehicles/Dynos to the PC or HIL

Industry is witnessing a convergence between the Agility and disruptive potential of Startups and the Continuous Improvement goals of quality-focused large Engineering companies. Gannet Engineering helps level the playing field with our model of Robust yet Agile development.

Company Culture
We strongly believe in the dictum “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” . Therefore we bring to our employees and customers a fresh and creative way of working that encourages active collaboration.

"Controls.Motion.Vision" is a Gannnet Trademark, and we state our broad vision as creating "Engineering solutions for a more Sustainable future"​.

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Privately Held

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