NUS Overseas Colleges

NUS Overseas Colleges is a university level unit of the NUS Enterprise Cluster that manages the highly innovative NUS Overseas Colleges programme. The programme targets NUS undergraduates with the academic ability and entrepreneurial drive, keen to be immersed as interns in start-ups located in leading entrepreneurial and academic hubs of the world. At the same time, they will study entrepreneurship related courses at highly prestigious partner universities. The aim is to cultivate and nurture them into enterprising, resourceful, independent self-starters and eventually blossom into successful entrepreneurs.

Today, there are colleges in Silicon Valley and New York, USA; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Stockholm, Sweden and Israel. These seven colleges are established in leading entrepreneurial hubs involving up to 150 students a year.

In 2008, iLEAD (innovative Local Enterprise Achievement Development) Programme is established and offered NUS students an opportunity to intern at local start-up companies and be exposed to the entrepreneurial challenges in Singapore.




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