Avela Corporation

China Sourcing Experts

We are the leading experts in China Sourcing.

If you are a company looking to source products and services in China with an estimated annual spend between $1/2 million and $5 million, we are your trusted source.

Our headquarters are in Houston Texas, and we have a representative office in Shanghai, China. We can be counted upon to be able to help you with your China Sourcing needs.

We offer a FREE China Sourcing Initial Consultation:- We provide a top of line needs analysis to see how China relates to your company’s future.

China Strategy Consulting:- We believe that most companies need to address China as part of their long term strategy. As it relates to you company, it’s bottom line and ability to grow in the future, China may play a critical role.

Why outsource to China?

China represents an opportunity for outsourcing low margin products and services so your organization can focus on more profitable growth areas of your business.

How we help you with your China competitive analysis?

China may a direct competitor. If this is true, you need to understand the competition, and we can help you with your competitive analysis. Avela will research your competitors in China.

Avela Corporation offers the best possible client services and opportunities in China because we have systems, procedures and the right people in place, in China, that foster success.

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