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Launched September 1st, Menerva International Advising is a company that creates clean, professional, useful LinkedIn profiles for our clients. Our goal is to help our clients create a strong online presence for themselves from a young age, as well as assisting them in developing a network of fellow ambitious individuals from around the globe. Our vision is to transform the way society views age in relation to professionalism and ensure no student is ever kept from that dream job through a lack of a strong online brand.

Our company focuses on several aspects when creating your profile. First, Professionalism. We carefully evaluate every client and how we can best showcase their talents without coming across as arrogant or aloof. Many LinkedIn profiles are either far too long where no one will read through them, or fail to convey who you truly are. At Menerva, we create profiles that highlight your talents and stand out through the excellence of the writing. We also want to make sure that the profile we give you today will be a profile you can use for the rest of your life.

We are disrupting an industry. For far too long, companies that offer to help students and professionals write their online resumes have charged incredible prices that take advantage of their clients. We understand not everyone is born with the inherent gift of communicating their passions and experience, and we want to help. Our services are superior to our competitors, at an incredibly low price. It doesn't have to cost a thousand dollars to write a profile. In August of 2015 Menerva International Advising was shut down, due to the founders starting college. Key parts of the business were incorporated into other LinkedIn profile writing organizations. We are thankful for the many clients who made Menerva the success it was, and hope our services were of value.

With You, For You- Menerva International Advising

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