Business Club Kyiv-The Netherlands


Kiev-The Netherlands Business Club was founded in 2000. For fourteen years, the club has existed as an exclusive, closely-knit club of managers of Ukrainian companies who interned and trained in the Netherlands.

In 2014, there were changes made to the Board of Directors of the Business Club and representatives of the Ukrainian and Dutch business communities were included in the Board of Directors. This caused a dramatic shift in the format and principles of the Business Club.

Today, the Business Club is open to entrepreneurs from Ukraine, the Netherlands and other EU countries. The activities of the Business Club are increasing in scale and are aimed at specific actions and achieving practical results.


In light of the new period of relations between Ukraine and EU countries, both the Ukrainian business community and investors from the Eurozone need effective mechanisms to help establish business relations quickly.

Businessmen need reliable business contacts, additional information about available opportunities, needs and risks of new markets, lobbying of their interests at government and company levels, understanding business rules and practices in other countries, opportunities for training and exchange experiences.

On one hand, Ukrainian companies are interested in European markets and in European suppliers and investors. On the other, Dutch companies, like companies from other European countries, are also ready to invest in Ukraine and to buy Ukrainian goods, raw materials and services.

The main mission of Kiev-The Netherlands Business Club is to meet all of the above-mentioned business needs and to create conditions for quickly establishing fruitful and reliable cooperation between Ukrainian companies and companies from the Netherlands and other EU countries.




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