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The Aim of the web site to support the moment of Justice by Imran KHan

* Awarness about Politics and Democracy
* Individual rights
* Live as one Nation!!!
* Help build stronger and safer societies!!
* Promote Charities or volunteer work!!!
* Discussion about the issues and problems faced by Pakistan
* Latest News and Articles
* What is Modern Islam?
* What do we need to do for the unity of Muslim Umah?
* We have had enough of PPP and PML. These parties have made many promises to our nation but always failed to fullfil their promises. We need a new change!!!. A new face, who is capable enough to make Pakistan a sovereign and stable Country. Currently we see Imran khan, as a last hope for Pakistan. A politcian must contribute to society to prove to be a right person to lead the nation. Imran Khan has contributed a lot in our societies by his charity work and dedication to serve this nation. Seeing the current situation in Pakistan, He is the only one who can lead the boat of this nation out of the storm. So please support him!!!

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