Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.

We make analytical scientific instruments. In particular, we have a product family of capillary electrophoresis instruments including:

Fragment Analyzer Automated CE System which can:

• Quickly qualify and quantify NGS sample prep libraries prior to sequencing.
• Analyze total RNA quality and quantity.
• Assess genomic DNA up to 40,000bp
• Resolve large fragments up to 20,000bp
• Rapidly separate and analyze microsatellites, SSRs and PCR fragments.

Fragment Analyzer -- a capillary electrophoresis instrument for analyzing DNA & RNA.

ZAG - The Zero Agarose Gel DNA Analyzer -- provides automated high throughput fragment analysis for DNA.

Oligo PRO -- a UV system for performing oligonucleotide purity analysis and RNAi analysis.

pKa PRO -- a UV system for rapid pKA measurement and log P measurement.

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