Estatistics is a service that aims to introduce powerful psychometrical and statistical tools for simple and sophisticated analysis. Psychometrics that are a part of the services that we offers, is a coalescence of practices and tools that emerged from psychological and statistical backgrounds. For example: the use of a psychological questionnaire that measures consumers’ positive and negative attitudes towards a commercial product. When this kind of results are analyzed statistically, this could lead to e.g. the design of new product lines or product innovation.Note that Estatistics services aim as well at big or small companies as to individuals or students that are interested in designing a new questionnaire or survey, a new poll, or a new product. together with Adriana Salentijn Web & Graphic design services offer High Quality infographics solutions to everyone. Also, help on web and market data surveys design and analysis can be provided.

Moreover, can help students, doctors, companies, and individuals on how to use / run / or interpret statistics in a number of statistical programs such as spss, sas, amos, statistica, minitab, stata, r, matlab, excel, Eviews, genstat, Interaction, process analysis (Andrew F. Hayes) or gpower as well a number of statistical analysis such as Regression, factorial analysis, Chi-squares, correlation, time series, path analysis, anova, ancova, glm (general linear modelling), non-parametric, mediation or moderation analyses. Skype lessons or help can be provided through skype.

Finally, can help you on designing / standardizing your questionnaire/s or help on how to choose questions or items e.g. multiple choice versus open-ended versus, Likert scale versus ipsative scales etc. Moreover, I can help you to design your survey or your experiment even when no questionnaire is involved. Translations are available in these languages: English, Greek, Nederlands, and Italian.

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