Riverwood Capital Group

Riverwood Capital Group

Riverwood Capital Group (“RCG”) is a non exclusive financial relations practise that provides third party services to small and medium sized business enterprise. Presently RCG focuses business development efforts within the financial services industry. Contractible services include; corporate finance and capital markets relationship consulting, wholesale distribution of investment product, and capital management services.

Greg Owttrim is the founder, principal and president of RCG. Greg has more than 20 years of combined private and public sector experience. He was awarded the Registered Financial Consultant designation in 2000 and has previously held senior management, executive and director positions with distributors and manufacturers of investment product within the financial services industry. Previous professional experience includes the co-founding and executive management of a Venture Capital Corporation based in Ontario. Greg subsequently fulfilled similar roles in establishing a publically listed Capital Corporation with the Toronto Stock Exchange. A background in securities law regulation, enforcement and compliance continues to assist Greg in his present capacity.

As a contributor to investment industry committee work he has previously participated on a variety of steering committees and working groups at The Investment Funds Institute of Canada. Additionally, he has been a featured speaker at several investment industry-sponsored events and educational forums.


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