Adhesive Art&Design

Adhesive: Commonly known as a glue or sticky substance in a liquid or semi-solid form that adheres or bonds things together. It can also be used metaphorically as the virtual bonds between people. The primary substance of the initial project that defined the collaboration was “hot melt glue.” This collaboration began with five artists with distinctive talents and styles that developed into Adhesive Art&Design, the award winning international art and design studio with accolades from publications and companies from ‘Incheon International Design’ to ‘How magazine’. Currently Adhesive Art&Design with offices in the United States and Korea is composed of 5 members with specialties in graphic design, web design, packaging design, photography, installation, sculpture, and video. Our goal is to push Design beyond the levels of mass production and mediocrity to the level of artistry; Adhesive Art&Design will customize distinguished and profitable solutions for our clients.


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