Eaglerise Power Systems Inc

as a Sales and Marketing Unit to service North American Magnetics' requirements, Eaglerise Power Systems Inc. was created by Eaglerise Electric & Electronic (China) Co. Ltd, global manufacturer of transformers and reactors. We provide solutions across many different market segments, including solar energy, wind energy, motor drives, installation/whoesaler, ship&offshore, automation, energy storage, new energy vehicles etc.

Working closely with our Engineering Team, our primary goal is to bring to the North American Markets innovative products that offer upfront cost competitiveness along with installed cost savings. We design into our products features that you probably won't find in our competitor's products, while maintaining focus on quality construction. Add to this our ability to offer quick quotations on custom designed products, as well as fast turnaround times for production.

For Clients, whose business is international in scope, we offer access to our sister companies' resources to help you secure business in World Markets, enjoying lower freight, design and production costs.

for more infomation, kindly please contact us, or visit www.eaglerise.com, www.eaglerisepowersystems.com.

Looking forward to serving you!

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Operating Subsidiary


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Privately Held

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