Cellider Biotech S.L.

Thanks to the collaboration with research groups in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, Cellider Biotech started as a spin-off of the Aragon Health Sciences Institute (IACS & ISS-Aragón).

Regenerative medicine has improved treatment options and patient quality of life for many diseases, and we hope to further improve treatment options for cartilage and bone related diseases.

Cellider Biotech pursues to become a reference center in adult stem cell field, consisting of all products and services that can ease researcher and biomedical professional tasks, including primary cultures, stem cells from different animals and sources, extracellular matrix, and biomaterials. Advances in this area will help patients suffering pathology susceptible to be treated by cell therapy.

Besides, Cellider Biotech invests part of its capital in Research and Development of new cell therapies with applications in veterinary and medical purposes.

Our team has a solid experience in stem cell research, offering the best technical customer service possible.

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