Center for Urban Teaching, Inc.

The Center for Urban Teaching, Inc. (CfUT) is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to identify, prepare, and support high-performing urban teachers. Learn more about our mission, vision, and impact in the community here:

CfUT was founded in 2001 by Dr. Ray Dusseau and James Rahn, professors at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), who were moved by the profound failure of Milwaukee’s schools to break the cycle of failure for inner city children. From the beginning, CfUT emphasized the power of relationship building, high expectations, unconditional love, and one’s belief system.

The need for more urban candidates prompted program changes and expansion beyond the WLC campus, so CfUT became an independent organization in May 2013. Today, CfUT serves over 800 undergraduates representing 42 universities. Student led cohorts are being formed at campuses serving as the gathering place for students who want to explore urban teaching and develop a level of competency using the high-performance teaching techniques endorsed by CfUT.

CfUT believes that teacher quality is the single most important factor in student achievement. As a result, we are laser-focused on producing the best teachers because we believe that they are the key to transforming education in Milwaukee and beyond. CfUT's long-term vision is to be the number one producer and provider of high-performing urban teachers. CfUT’s short-term vision to expand the number of program alumni actively serving in the field to 500 by 2020 is strategic in nature and connects to this core belief. If there are 500 alumni actively serving in the field by 2020, approximately 20,000 students would be taught by CfUT alumni. We believe that this would serve as a tipping point, providing proof of what is possible and creating a stronghold in the city.

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