Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals

The Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals (CRTASA) was established in 2010 as the official centralized registrar of Service and Therapy Animals in Canada and the USA.

CRTASA does not certify or train service or therapy animals. Instead we register and provide our universal standarized CRTASA Photo ID Card to verified applicants that use a Service or Therapy Animal - to help them verify their rightful ownership of their certified and trained animal to a business or service provider.

Previously each service and therapy animal training angency, animal trainers and local government agencies issued their own brand and type of identification for these animals which created much uncertainty about the identifications' validity among businesses unfamiliar with cards presented from different regions, states, provinces and countries.

CRTASA's registry and standardized photo identification card system eliminates previous confusions and helps promote easier public access across North America for people with disabilities using a Service or Therapy animal for assistance when they present their CRTASA Photo ID Card that confirms their rightful ownership of their working animal.

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