Global Sport Solutions

GSS offers quality consultancy and expert advice for players, coaches and clubs. We employ only the best soccer coaches and educators from all over the World.

Soccer is a truly multinational sport played by millions all over the globe. Therefore, our staff are made up of a wide range of International coaches from all over the Globe so you get the best soccer education - A Global Education. US Soccer is unique in it’s population and culture so we specialize in delivering a curriculum designed for the distinct US soccer player. With GSS you get international staff and a camp suited to your player, team or club.

We are heavily involved with youth soccer and education and feel that soccer is truly a global game which reaches out to every race, color and ethnicity regardless of age and ability. GSS believes that soccer and its effect on millions of people around the world should be promoted and developed in the US where soccer is considered a 'second class' sport.

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