Animarus CG VFX Studios & School - Collective

We are proud we begun with 2 artists: 2 publishers (Iná Leite Duarte (Azhhael) - a great Animator - and José Fernandes Chaves Júnior - a great CG Artist). They decided to work in 3D area with determination and courage since 2001. Sometimes, if the job it´s too big, we call our staff composed by other great CG artists in several subareas.

Working with 3D Animation, Games, Films and other CG areas (please visit our website) we loveto work and maintain a really clear and cool relationship with our partners an clients.

We are flexible and efficient, we are pro active and we do more then our best every new job.

We use to teach too!! Several courses!!Both of us!

Contact us, will be a pleasure find a new friend...

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Self Employed

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