The modern world can be viewed as a complex socio-technical system – a diverse blend of people of different cultures, in many cases operating advanced technologies to meet demanding organizational, societal, or personal objectives. Applying human-centered scientific and research-based expertise, methodologies, and tools GEISTT take their clients from state of the science to state of the practice by facilitating the generation of applied, resource-effective solutions that increase the fit between human capabilities, technology, and organizational-societal-personal objectives.

The mission of GEISTT AB is to provide consultancy services, practical methods & tools, and applied R&D that enhance overall human-system performance & safety, individual-team-organizational effectiveness, and market competitiveness. GEISTT achieves this through an applied, multi-disciplinary, and research-oriented approach based on practical scientific expertise in contextualized human cognition & behavior combined with a deep understanding of advanced technology and organizational effectiveness.

Since its foundation in 2013, GEISTT has positioned itself as a specialized, independent, and trusted “customer friend” that build client capabilities, not their dependency. The GEISTT team often work with clients that operate, or provide products that operate, under conditions such as:

• Complex and operational environments
• High-performing individuals and teams
• Advanced technology and complex organizations
• High-stress and high-stake conditions

Clients and partners are found both in government agencies and industry, often in sectors such as defense & space, aviation & aerospace, health care, police & fire services, automotive industry, maritime shipping operations, oil & energy, and research & academia. GEISTT is a Sweden registered limited liability company with a global reputation, and conducts business with agencies, industry, and academia in Europe, Asia, and USA.

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