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At HBE, we provide services to help you sell homes. We are all about SALES! Whether that be New Home Builders, Modular Builders or Realtors we have many services to offer you that will help you achieve Sales.

We are a unique company in that, we are willing to roll up our sleeves, jump in and help you achieve your goals. The work we do can’t be taught standing from a podium, heck there is plenty of speakers in the world. The work we do is in person, in your office, in the field, in your sales offices and in your board rooms. We come to you LIVE with over 50 years of experience in selling homes.

There is no other company who can provide you with such a wide array of services to help you sell homes and maximize your sales goals.

No time for meetings? Let us handle it for you. We can do it all….literally!
Weekly or Monthly Sales Meetings, Topics and Takeaways
Sales Campaigns, Contests
Sales Rallys and Sales Retreats
Sales Presentations via Webinar, Live or Power Points on CD’s
Leadership Meetings, Retreats
Corporate Roll outs
Customized topics built from scratch, just for your needs
Green Presentation Training and roll outs

Planning & leading sales meetings
Evaluating and training your team
One on one coaching with documentation to manage performance issues
Recruiting and interviewing
Project review
Product review
Senior Complexs
Marketing Campaigns such as E Blasts, Postcards Campaigns, Flyers and Sales Campaigns
Social Media Updates and strategies

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