Svenska Studiecentralen

The Swedish Study Centre (SSC) is a service organization for more than 50 non-governmental organizations (NGO:s) in the swedish-speaking parts of Finland, spread mainly along the coastal region.

The basic aim of SSC is to “…support and stimulate the Finnish-Swedish civil society through activities for learning individuals and organizations, and a sustainable local and regional development.”

Host organization for SSC is the Swedish Folk School Foundation (SFV), an organization promoting education and culture, founded already in 1882. The SSC was established as part of SFV in the year of 1919.

SSC works to support and promote active citizenship through the member NGO.s in their local and regional activities, such as youth, handicap and cultural organizations, adult education and rural development. Since the late 1990s SSC has been involved in empowering unemployed young and adults through workshops in Helsingfors (SVEPS – Swedish Production School), Vasa (Föregångarna) and Åbo (Åbo Kringlan).


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