Sail Bermuda

Imagine charter sailing and snorkeling in Bermuda! Picture gazing into turquoise blue depths, as the fresh Bermuda wind cools your face and fills the sails. The sun’s reflection dances playfully on the sea’s surface, lighting up your visage with dapples of silver and gold. The charter sailing vessel slips easily on. In your hand rests the perfect Bermuda rum swizzle, begging to be sipped again, and again. Tension relents as the stress of life is carried off by the wind. Overhead, Bermuda longtails soar and swoop, chasing each other on invisible currents. You find yourself wondering, “Am I really charter sailing and snorkeling in Bermuda? Is this only a dream?” This is no dream because today, you have set your soul free aboard the charter sailing and snorkeling vessel “Shekynah”.

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