Gender and Health Innovations

Gender and Health innovations is a Cambodian based group specialising in public health research and technical assistance.
We undertake high quality social and health research and assessments to reduce poverty and promote equality and human rights, thereby enabling people to build better lives.

We work in partnership with governments, health agencies, health professionals, civil society organisations and communities to deliver our services. We also partner with UN agencies and international NGOs.

We believe that a healthy population is essential for sustainable economic development and eradication of poverty. All men and women have a basic right to health and well-being, but global statistics show serious breaches and inequalities in health status and access to preventive and curative health care services. Gender inequalities are a major cause of imbalance in life expectancy and disease incidence including HIV/AIDS incidence and domestic violence against women and children.

We believe that inequalities create, maintain and exacerbate exposure to risk factors endangering health. It is therefore an evidence to incorporate gender concerns into Public health researches and strategies for implementation and to promote gender equality in all other sectors that can influence health status. (i.e. educating girls has been shown to improve the health status of families.)

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