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Taleist is a digital communications agency founded by Steven Lewis, who has been helping companies communicate online since 1994. He was one of Australia’s first social media consultants and brings over 15 years of journalism experience to content marketing and brand journalism.

Today Taleist’s team of digital and social media strategists, writers, content creators, brand journalists and web experts works with companies that want to communicate effectively online using new media. We help them earn their stakeholders’ attention rather than trying to pay for it using content marketing best practice.

1. Digital, content and social media strategies

Using new media successfully calls for a strategy that matches the work you’re doing online with your business strategy and marketing plan. Content and action need to be mapped to your target audiences and their needs as well as your goals. The first step is a digital strategy; the second step is a content plan to underpin it. Social media success is all about what you say.

We work with clients on plans that make clear exactly what you’re going to say to whom and when. And how to know it’s working.

2. Content marketing and brand journalism

Earned attention will always be more valuable than paid attention, even though it generally costs less. The digital world gives companies the chance to be their own media channels, showcasing their expertise and their role in their audience’s lives through content in multiple media. And your content marketing create intellectual property assets that last.

3. Social media management

We will run your digital channels, including your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube... Like the editor of a magazine, we’ll build an audience whose attention you earn with valuable, interesting and relevant content that they’ll ask to receive.

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