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Health Insurance companies have dozens of trained risk experts, called actuaries, continually measuring and managing risks. Provider organizations including health systems and integrated delivery systems are being forced into managed care. Do they have the expertise and modeling tools to succeed at acting like insurance companies?

Health actuaries use statistical and financial skills to measure and predict financial risk. Credentialed actuaries have rigorous licensing and professional excellence standards ensuring the quality of their predictions. Routinely performed actuarial activities include:

-Expected claims cost projection (e.g. premium pricing, capitation rate development, bundled episode pricing, shared savings/loss benchmark development)
-Expected claims cost growth (e.g. trend forecasting for medical and pharmaceutical spend, trend mitigation impact of medical management programs)
-Risk Management (e.g. Large claims modeling, optimal stop-loss threshold modeling)

At Validate Health, we believe that provider organizations have strong potential to succeed at managed care but it requires a shift in mindset. We offer a variety of actuarial support powered through technology to help providers along the journey to managed care. Specific offerings include:

-Our education and training program on actuarial methodology and value based reimbursement models to finance, managed care, and analytics staff
-Our data warehouse software package containing routines to prepare raw data for actuarial analysis
-Our modeling software package of standard actuarial models to fill in gaps in analytics
-Consulting support on either an ad hoc or regular basis to perform actuarial analysis
-Onsite actuarial support on either a part-time or full-time basis

About Validate Health:
-Founded in January of 2014 in Chicago, IL
-Provides actuarial modeling for over 50,000 members
-Saved health plans over $8 million in claims cost through actuarial modeling

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Privately Held

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